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Terms & Conditions

Please note that our Terms and Conditions and waiver may differ from other organizations, so please ensure that you read this information prior to registering.


If you are unsure about anything mentioned, please feel free to contact us:

You are permitted to switch your current registered camps to one of our other camps  up to 7 days before the start of the WMA Summer Camp. This year, changes can be made up to and including June 29, 2020.


Requests for refunds on full payments can be made in writing or in person until July 1st, 2020. We will refund your money in the manner it was originally paid to us. A $25 processing fee will be charged for camp cancellations. Supplies and plans are based on the number camp participant registrations..

If your child is asked to leave our camps due to disruptive behaviour, no refund will be issued. Expulsion from WMA’s camps is a last-case course of action. Initially, WMA will communicate with parents to try to deal with disruptive behaviour. However, if the child’s actions are repeated and/or a threat to themselves, other children, or the quality of WMA’s camps, expulsion will be necessary.

In the unlikely event that there are insufficient students registered the camps, WMA reserves the right to cancel the program, but will offer you the choice of an alternative program or a full refund. WMA endeavours to provide parents with as much advanced notice as possible concerning cancellations so that you have the opportunity to find alternative camp arrangements


Program content may vary from the description advertised.

For welfare purposes, parents are responsible for ensuring that their children are dropped off and picked up by an adult - regardless of the age of your children. Unless you are registered for our Before Camp Care, student arrival time should be no earlier than a few minutes before 9am. If children arrive earlier, parents must remain with their children until 9am, at which time the children can enter the classroom.

WMA reserves the right to charge a fee for after-camp supervision in the event of very late, or persistently late pick up times.

WMA must be informed, in advance, of the details of any person (or changes in person) that will be picking up your child, whether this be a relative, nanny, or family friend. You can provide consent via email or provide written note or letter.

Please note that we do not provide (partial) refunds if your child is unable to attend the full course (e.g. because of appointments, sickness or vacations).

WMA is responsible for your child’s welfare/safety only when parents/guardians have left WMA’s facilities.

If your child suffers from separation anxiety or a reluctance to meet new people or participate in new activities, it is the parent’s responsibility to arrange a tour of WMA’s facilities before registering. This is to give your child the opportunity to become accustomed to our new surroundings, as well as for you to determine if your child will be comfortable attending our summer camps. Please note that we do not provide refunds on course payments or deposits in the event that your child is unwilling to participate in or attend our course(s).
Parents are welcome to wait in our reception area until 9.30am, but cannot remain in the classroom once the class has begun.


Children should wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions and the nature of the activities they are participating in. As part of our policy for daily outdoor activity, we will go outside even if it’s raining.

Please ensure that your arrives at WMA with sunscreen already applied. Parents are also encouraged to provide their children with a sun hat and sunglasses. WMA is able to help apply further sunscreen if this is provided and requested.

We ask that children bring a pair of indoor shoes (e.g. slippers, flip flops) to change into.

Parents are responsible for informing WMA’s directors of any relevant medical and dietary information that affects your child’s safety and welfare, as well as positive participation in our courses. This includes disorders such as autism, ADHD, etc.

By registering your child with WMA, you are consenting to WMA’s first aid qualified staff or an attending physician to provide medical attention to your child in the event on an accident or emergency. Parents are responsible for all costs in the event of emergency medical treatment.

For field trips, WMA may use a combination of public buses and walking, both of which carry a degree of risk. Parents are consenting to this when registering for courses with inclusive field trips.

For all WMA camps, you agree that there is a certain degree of risk of injury involved in your child’s participation in such activities, and waive any and all right and claim for any damages of any sort or any other claim or remedy of any sort may have against WMA, its directors, officers, and staff, in connection with your child’s participation in WMA’s courses.

Parents consent to pictures and videos taken by WMA’s staff to be used in promotion or advertisement for its educational services and future summer camps, including on its website and Facebook, twitter and instagram pages. Campers names will never be used with their photo.

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