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AM camps 9AM-12PM


WMA Summer Campers will explore what goes into making movies – from story pitch to final cut – with an emphasis on having fun. Attendees will learn how to turn story ideas into screenplays, and how scripts are 'broken down' for production. By week end, WMA Summer Camp Movie Makers will have developed the skills to start making their own movies.

Instructor: Lance Peverley

Behind the Scenes

Movie Making 101

8 -12 years old

Soccer Mania

This is a call for all budding Soccer Stars. Wma's soccer mania  will teach skills and drills ranging from shooting and passing techniques through to dribbling and volleying to heading the ball correctly.  Also goal keeping is tried by all.

Test your nerve in a penalty shoot-out and come together as team in a Cup Final match day and win a prize to round off a great week of playing this beautiful game.

Instructors: Coach Dave and Coach Luke

Icky Sticky Science

6 - 9 years old

Put on your goggles and prepare to get messy! We will explore the ooiest, gooiest experiments around. Become a scatologist, make some fake vomit to prank your friends, and have fun learning about the yuckier side of science!

Instructor: hightouch hightech

PM camps 1pm-4pm

Draw Superheroes!

Do you see yourself as the next Stan Lee?  Come to this super camp and learn how to draw all the super heroes you want. Basic drawing skills will be taught a long with lots of techniques to make your comic book pop! Superhero attire optional.

Instructor: Ethan Woronko

      CSI Science

9 - 12  years old

Investigate the fascinating world of biology and find ut what s forensic scientist needs to know about the human body.Put on your geneticist hat abd peer through microscopes abd extract DNA. Learn about fingerprinting, dental prints, and how to do a chemical analysis. A crime scene will be set up and you'll have the job of using forensics to solve the mystery. Take home an edible cell, a magnifying glass, a fingerprint chart, a DNA strand and more!

Instructor: hightech hightouch

Improv with RCTC

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