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AM camps 9AM-12PM

Art Splash

Create a different art project each day using a variety of art mediums such as watercolour paint, acrylic paint and clay. You'll learn painting techniques and discover how to incorporate special effects in your paintings using plastic wrap, toothpicks and salt. Learn fundamental clay techniques such as pinch, roll, coil and slab and apply your knowledge to create an animal or anything from your imagination!


Instructor: Mylene Dayrit-Kubicek

                                      from Place des Arts

Wizarding         World Camp

This amazing camp will have young Wizards and Witches learning all about the magical arts. Set up like a school the students will be led through lessons in:



Defense against the dark arts


Charms and 

Magical creatures.

 Every Wizard World camp student will take home a kit that will include wands, spell books, costumes, and a variety of objects that will decorate our wizards and witches own room at home. Come and find your inner magic. 

Muggles need not apply. 

Instructors: Professor Aline Abernathy

                     Professor Saturna Plover

                     Professor Xander Van Buthal

Reaction Attraction

6 - 9 year olds

It's time for some chemistry!  Put on your goggles and get ready to test out some chemical reactions. Will it explode? Enter the lab and you will become a chemist and learn all about matter. Identify chemicals and reactions that pop, fizz and foam.

Instructor: Hightouch Hightech

PM Camps 1pm-4pm

   Rock Band Camp

8-12 year olds

Unleash your inner rock star at this musical camp. Learn basic skills on the drums, keyboards and electric guitar. Find your voice and sing like a star. Help write a new song and perform with your band mates at your first rock concert at the end of the week.  Customised rock star shirts will be provided. 

Instructors: Dave Gatiss & Luke Middleton

 Drawing Magical Creatures!

Hone your artistic talents this week and learn to draw intricate creatures. You will be guided through step by step instructions and will create your own book of magical creatures by week end.

Inspiration will be drawn from the works of Rowling, Tolkein and Rackham. There will be room for your own creativity too of course. Find your inner magic and talents!

Instructors: Ethan Woronko and Pam Woronko

CrA-Zy Science

6 - 9 year olds

Love science but  can't settle on just one subject? Then this camp is for you! We explore all different kinds of science - even the kind you can eat! We will travel from the world of chemistry, to electricity, to physics and beyond!

Instructor: Hightouch Hightech

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